diversified Services

We are direct representative of Metro Capital Bank Limited (London).

We don't request any payment, in all our international offers. Though we prefer our clients to use Majorbanks.

We offer:-

1. INVESTMENT - NO Deposit, NO Transfers, NO Sending.

2. BG/SBLC - Lease only Direct with the bank. Cash backed (CB). Lease rate for face value USD/EURO 10 Million One and above - only 2%.

3. P.O.F - Proof Of Funds, Direct with the bank.

4. LOANS, International i.e. stock loans.

5. Letter of Credit - L.C. direct from bank.

6. We are receivers, HSBC MT103 cash transfers only.

We are also receiver for PAYPAL no maximum to send and receive, representative for IP-IP, DTC, together with, BTC small or very large transfers. Some ratios are standard and other are negotiable and terms and conditions apply.

7.We are sole representative for selling of crude oil, Oil BONNY (Light), 12 months contract, strictly bank to bank procedures only - no cash payment to anyone, best in quality

8. And more.

Our business is via the internet. No false pretext.

Our business location:- Kuala Lumpur , Malaysia, IP -

Coming to us for all your financial investment will definitely be your best decision, you will have no worries, no sleepless nights and can have full confidence in us

For Investment, your funds goes nowhere but stays in your bank, and only bank to bank communication.

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